Do you want to join the Rock n Roll?

We are currently searching for full- and part-time employees to join our colourful roster! Are you seeking to become a night-bird of Rock music for the evenings, or simply take on a second job? Satumaa will offer you flexible hours, suited to your routine with a reasonable pay and good hours!

There are multiple of jobs available, so take a look and don't be shy! In Satumaa, every evening is a Rock n Roll party, were you either behind the counter, or in front of it!

What Satumaa is searching for right now;


  • Full-time cleaners to tidy up the establishment during the closing hours in the night, or mornings.

  • Full- or part-time bar-helpers to work around the establishment, such as picking up glasses, working the dishes, filling the fridges and so-on.

  • Full- or part-time bartenders to work the bar on either weekends and/or weekdays.


What we’re seeking from our employees working in the bar (not cleaners);


  • English language is mandatory. Anything else is an added bonus.

  • Ability to understand and speak basic Finnish. (Not necessarily mandatory)

  • Good customer service skills.

  • Attendance to the needs of the bar.

  • Willingness to learn a new things.

  • Fast hands, as the bar can often get crowded.


We do not require earlier experience in the bar, though it is preferred, as we are ready to train new workers ourselves. It is NOT mandatory to know Estonian or Russian, as most of our customers are tourists.


Applications are to be done through our e-mail, and applicants will be contacted via phone or e-mail for an interview. We are ready to answer any other questions through e-mail inquiries as well.

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